Safety Practices

When you visit a country, one of the considerations that you have to take in mind is safety. You are going to another place that you do not know so you need to have precautions. Let us see some of this that you should take note when you travel here in China.

One of them is that you should have with you your passport all the time of your travel. China has some strict laws that you must obey so you would not run into trouble.


There are places that are restricted to tourists so you must not go there. When you will travel to Tibet, make sure you have the necessary permit before going. Even if you came from a powerful country, you must observe Chinese laws as they can confiscate your passport and hold you for weeks and months before giving the charges. You can’t leave China until the case is settled.

They have a strict rule on drugs. They do drug testing randomly at foreigners and they would be punished if found positive even if you had consumed it outside of China.

You should also beware of thieves especially in places full of tourists. They could be at the airport or in the popular bars.

In case of gambling, it is illegal on the mainland. The best thing to do is that know what would be the illegal and not and the rude behaviors and not like pointing with your fingers and especially at the Buddha.