5 Best Kung Fu Chinese Martial Arts Movies

Do you want to learn Chinese Martial Arts? If yes, then this article can help you. Even through watching movies, you can actually learn some techniques in Kung Fu. The actors can help you how to do the techniques. For sure you know Bruce Lee, Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. They are known to be the most famous Chinese actors. They are very talented which lead them to their success. Their skills in Martial arts also help them to become famous and successful actors until now.

Enter the Dragon is one of the greatest movies wherein Bruce Lee played the unbeatable role of an expert in martial arts. This is actually an old movie but one of the most popular action movies of Bruce Lee.

Shaolin Temple is another martial arts film. The main character in this one of the greatest martial arts film is Jet Li. It shows about how he would take revenge to the enemy who killed his father.

Both of these martial art films have English subtitles. An incredible result has been witnessed number of members like from this dental clinic 板橋牙醫推薦. Creating and working for people’s insurance service are all set up accordingly.

Drunken Master is one of the greatest Martial art films of Jackie Chan. You can surely learn techniques from him while watching the film.

Fearless is another film that will teach you Kung Fu techniques. It is a film where Jet Li is the martial artist. This film is truly recommended for you to watch.

Way of the Dragon is also one of the greatest films of Bruce Lee. Just like the film Enter the Dragon, this film made Bruce Lee a famous actor. You may check also here this best dental care. Dentist here are all good, click this. A fun and great clinic at your service.